About Me

I'm a software consultant with nearly two decades of experience working in the software development industry. See my Resumé for the gory details.
As a quick summary I've been writing software since the days of the TRS-80, starting back in 1981 when I was just six years old. I started to teach myself C++ back in 1991 after saving up my allowance to buy my first C++ compiler, and had my first job doing software development in 1993 working for a small company in Victoria, BC. I've written code in more than a dozen programming languages in a handful of different business environments and company sizes. I don't claim to know everything, but I've seen a lot and if you need help with your software solutions I can help. I also have some articles about software development if you're into that. If you're in Vancouver (BC, Canada) you might want to check out the Vancouver Software Developers Networking Meetup Group I organize.

Outside of software I'm into
digital photography, indoor rock climbing, and fine food (which I occasionally write about over at foodists.ca).